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    Separation From Separation

    Insufficient and deficient
    What a pity, our condition
    Attracting such a recognition
    To the present position of our situation.

    We need to break this condition
    Focus on the situation
    Send this hell to demolition
    And bring a glee to realization
    That is the only protection
    For the future generation

    Teach them love and consideration
    Appreciation without discrimination
    And how to put it all to application
    That is the best education
    To bring about realization
    That God doesn’t care about your relation
    Nor your religion or your nation
    Such a discrimination, an abomination
    Narrow minds not of His creation.

    He wants to see love in construction
    Forgive those of heartache and destruction
    Don’t let it lead your soul to incrimination
    We don’t need any more devastation
    Oh what a perception
    And what a horrible sensation
    Tearing down His meaningful creation.

    For hatred, I wish for a vaccination
    So there won’t be such separation
    And kindness wouldn’t have a ration
    Only to those of your religion and nation

    Wake up! Wake up to realization!
    We will all be at fault for extinction!
    No more hate and confusion
    No more invalidation
    We all have validation
    Let’s all make a notion
    To eradicate desperation and separation
    And this shameful desecration
    A separation from separation
    And let this be a lesson!

    Give a chance to the future generation
    To enjoy a plentiful creation!

    Meghan Schubert (Me)


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